Why this page exists

Posted on by Priyam Goswami Choudhury

How I got here

To be fair, it was fairly tempting to simply say that I was going to change the way I was going to use the internet and not do much. For two days now, I have not tweeted and at sometimes, the most natural reaction that I have is tweeting Gaurav Kapur that his video with Sachin Tendulkar on Breakfast with Champions is not available outside India. I wondered if I should simply email him and then came to the conclusion that keeping quiet would be the best thig for now.

And then, of course, I had to do something. So I went back to something that I had done something a year ago. I had bought a course on Udemy by Brad Hussey. I was super psyched about it and it is only now that I have started doing something about it. I am about to finish the advanced HTML part of the course and that may explain to you why I am choosing to use this space as my practiceboard for writing my HTML code from scratch to make this particular blogpost happen.

The truth possibly has deeper roots. I remember being a child being taught how to read the dictionary. It changed my life. Not only was I good enough to read but there was something meta about being able to read how to expand my vocabulary. I have spent many an evening sitting with an open dictionary at my knee reading new words. I feel — not only because I am lurking around on my laptop actually just reading websites and their scripts — like there is this level of reading up the website before you experience the website happen to you.

As I begin my CSS journey today, this is a good start.

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